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The Pulse is the official member magazine of PAMIC. We are proud to publish this informative magazine on a quarterly basis through print and digital editions. 

This publication covers topics relating to Law, IT, Underwriting, Claims and other emerging issues. Members are encouraged to volunteer as contributors to this publication.

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The PAMIC 360 has gone digital! The 360 represents PAMIC’s bi-weekly e-newsletter. The main focus of this newsletter is  to provide crucial information on regulatory and legislative updates. 

Members are encouraged to share their company updates, successes and volunteer efforts to be published for the entire membership. 

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Publication Schedule

PAMIC 360 - an e-newsletter focused on legislative and regulatory issues published bi-weekly 

PAMIC Pulse - Article Deadlines: Winter (12/15/17), Spring (3/9/18), Summer (6/8/18), Fall (9/7/18)

Advertisement Opportunities

The Pulse is a mutual insurance industry publication that aims to help companies understand emerging issues. Articles in the Pulse offer advice on how to grow and protect business. The impact of the Pulse reaches throughout the Mid-Atlantic states through readers from our many member companies.

The Pulse is printed four times a year. Each edition represents the changing of a season. Companies are welcome to advertise through the Pulse. Advertisements can be traditional or interactive. Traditional ads are placed directly into the magazine based on the advertisers preferred size. Interactive ads are more flexible and are included in the digital version of the publication. Interactive ads include scroll-over banners, videos, and interactive graphics. These advertising opportunities are valuable chances to support the industry and be placed directly in front of the eyes of our membership.

If you are interested in placing an ad in the Pulse, please refer to the PAMIC Media Kit.


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