PAMIC strives on providing excellent sources of education for our members. Education includes:

live events, webinars, and online trainings.

Upcoming PAMIC Events

PAMIC Publications

There are two available publications from PAMIC: the Pulse, and the 360 e-newsletter.

2019 Fall PAMIC Pulse

2019 Fall PAMIC Pulse

The PAMIC Pulse

The Pulse is the official member magazine of PAMIC. We are proud to publish this informative magazine on a quarterly basis through print and digital editions. 

This publication covers topics relating to Law, IT, Underwriting, Claims and other emerging issues. Members are encouraged to volunteer as contributors to this publication.

Members can View PAMIC 360 Updates

Members can View PAMIC 360 Updates

The 360 E-Publication

The PAMIC 360 has gone digital! The 360 represents PAMIC’s bi-weekly e-newsletter. The main focus of this newsletter is  to provide crucial information on regulatory and legislative updates. 

Members are encouraged to share their company updates, successes and volunteer efforts to be published for the entire membership. 


Online Trainings

Education is one of the founding pillars of our organization, and we take pride in offering high-quality education year round. PAMIC has partnered with the Institutes and Enquiron to provide 24/7 training to our members at a discounted rate.

PAMIC Institutes

PAMIC has partnered with The Institutes to leverage the collective purchasing power of our members to make professional development more affordable.  By enrolling in The Institutes knowledge solutions through the PAMIC learning management portal, most members can access discounts that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

 As the knowledge partner that best provides educational activities related to risk management and property-casualty insurance, The Institutes have been meeting the public’s changing insurance needs with customer-driven products and services for more than 100 years. By offering innovative educational, research, networking and career resource solutions, we prepare people to fulfill their professional and ethical responsibilities and empower risk management and insurance professionals to help those in need.

The Institutes offer a wide variety of risk management and insurance courses, programs and professional development opportunities to fill knowledge gaps at any level and in a variety of functional areas

To access the PAMIC Institutes, you will need login information. Each company has a learning administrator who controls the approval of coursework. 

Law, Human Resources and Cyber Center

As a part of PAMIC's member services, we are happy to offer access to the Law, Human Resource and Cyber Center. Members can use this tool to discover pertinent information as it related to human resources including education, handouts and build your own employee handbook or to gain 24/7 legal advice from Enquiron's network of legal professionals. 

These services are specifically designed to help avoid human resource-related errors, which can be expensive both in terms of time and money. Enquiron makes it easy for members to get answers to questions about wage and hour, hiring, termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and a long list of other HR topics so they can better focus on running their businesses.