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How do I become a member?

You can apply for PAMIC membership by filling out the online application here. For questions or to fill out an offline form, please contact PAMIC at

why can't I get the member rate?

If you know your company is a member and you cannot see the membership rate, try logging in and checking if you name is listed under a bundle administrator. If you cannot find the bundle administrator, contact a Lora Sharp by emailing or calling 717-303-0197. She will put you within the bundle to receive the membership rate.

How can I register for an event?

Registration for events can be found under the event tab on the top of the website. A calendar of events can be found here.

How do I sponsor an event?

Event sponsorships can be found within the event registrations as a separate event. Event sponsorship registrations appear as a yellow icon.

What do I get out of sponsorship?

Our sponsors are critically important to the success of PAMIC's members, our educational programs, and to other industry people. Our financial support assures a “best-in-class” experience for our members and sponsors. There are three sponsorship programs for you to choose from: Platinum, Flex, Individual events (Gold, Silver, Bronze), aka Pay-As-You-Go Sponsorships. For information regarding each of these programs and pricing, please refer to the following booklet: Event Sponsorship Opportunities Booklet

For more questions on sponsorship, please contact Andrea Stroble at