PAMIC Hosts Three Types of Events


PAMIC hosts around 12 annual events each year. Each of these events host applicable credits relating to the topic. PAMIC PAC events are also hosted annually surrounding PAMIC annual events. Webinars are hosted monthly on the third Thursday of the month.


Live Events

PAC Events

Monthly Webinars

Upcoming PAC Events

PAC events support the Political Actions Committee and raises funds to support local government. A separate registration is required for PAC Events and corporate checks or credit cards are not accepted.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are hosted once a month and focus on various topics.

PAMIC hosts a variety of networking opportunities.

Networking is one of the primary pillars of PAMIC. We offer a multitude of networking opportunities in the form of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, advertising opportunities, and at our annual events.

Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities

Our sponsors are critically important to the success of PAMIC's members, our educational programs, and to other industry people. Additionally, there are two primary exhibitor opportunities with PAMIC events. The Annual PAMIC Claims Summit and the PAMIC Annual Convention.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising with PAMIC is easy. There are two primary publications to advertise in: the Pulse and the PAMIC 360.