PAMIC Live Event Sponsorship Opportunities 

PAMIC offers two kinds of sponsorships for our events: annual sponsorships, and individual sponsorships.

Annual Event Sponsorships

Annual sponsorships come in two ways: Platinum sponsorships and Flex sponsorships. Both of these provide annual sponsorship for PAMIC events without the worry of having to apply sponsorship before each event.

Our sponsors are critically important to the success of PAMIC's members, our educational programs, and to other industry people. Our financial support assures a “best-in-class” experience for our members and sponsors. 

For information regarding each of these programs and pricing, please refer to the following booklet:
Event Sponsorship Opportunities Booklet


The once Premium Gold, now Platinum Sponsorship allows for a one-time annual payment and provides Platinum-level sponsorship benefits to all PAMIC educational events (excluding Convention). 

Platinum Sponsors receive unprecedented amounts of exposure throughout the year. That exposure includes exclusive event sponsorship and your company logo included on all PAMIC event-related emails. 


The Flex Sponsorship allows sponsors to participate in a flexible amount of each individual-level sponsorship. Similar to the Platinum Sponsorship this is one-time annual payment for the events your company wishes to sponsor.

The Flex Sponsorship Program is geared towards smaller companies and includes a minimum of three event sponsorships which can be expanded based on individual needs. 

Individual Event Sponsorships

Throughout the year PAMIC hosts a wide variety of valuable educational events. Each year members can join us at our Convention, Claims Summit, Annual Spring Conference and many other engaging events. Our education aims to cover all topics that might be relevant to the insurance professional whether they work for a mutual, stock or reciprocal company. 

We pride our association on being the premier provider of education in the Mid-Atlantic region. The nature of our events is constantly evolving to match the needs of our membership. Join in the discussion and network with other industry professionals as we strive to provide you with the tools to help your company succeed. 

Individual sponsorships are always available for PAMIC events. Companies who wish to sponsor individual events can choose from Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels. Pricing for individual sponsorships varies on an event-by-event basis.