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PAMIC and its member companies are at the forefront of developing connections and paths to attract and retain talent to the insurance industry. Our Student Affairs Committee is working to create insurance majors at the PASHE schools with Bloomsburg University at the top of the list. The presentation below was delivered at Bloomsburg University Executive Speakers program in Spring 2018.

Careers in Insurance


We’re a collaborative initiative powered by The Institutes, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating and professionalizing the risk management and insurance industry. Our mission is to inform and inspire the industry’s next generation of employees.  Have any feedback or questions? Contact us at any time at

As the industry’s trusted and respected knowledge leader, The Institutes and our affiliates are committed to meeting the evolving professional development needs of the risk management and insurance community. We prepare people to fulfill their professional and ethical responsibilities by offering customer-focused and innovative educational, research, networking, and career resource solutions.  We offer a wide variety of courses, programs and professional development opportunities to fill knowledge gaps at any level and in a variety of functional areas within the risk management and insurance industry.

For nearly 60 years, the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) has been the leading independent source of objective information, insight, analysis and referral on insurance for a wide range of audiences, including: Consumers, insurance professionals, the media, government and regulatory organizations, educational institutions and students. The I.I.I.’s mission is to improve public understanding of insurance—what it does and how it works. And with this goal in mind, our website, blog and social media channels offer a wealth of research, white papers, videos, articles, infographics and other resources to inform and educate—while the annual Insurance Fact Book is the definitive research resource of its kind.

Connecting with Insurers

PAMIC is leading the charge to bring prospective employees in contact with the mutual insurance industry.  We are working with universities, professional organizations and our member companies to build out tools to make connections easier and faster.

In addition to visiting the MyPAth, The Institutes, ad the Insurance Information Institute websites describe in the adjoining column, is to provide your contact information and resume through the Connection Portal.

PAMIC will provide your information to our member companies connecting you to potential employers.

Click on the Connection Portal below to submit your information and start your career.

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